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Parking Lot Drop-Off Procedure Reminders

Parking Lot Drop-Off Procedure Reminders
With the colder weather we have seen an increase in traffic during our morning drop off.  We would like to remind everyone of the procedures we have in place.  Please remember that the drop off procedures detailed below are designed with student safety being the priority. We do plan to close the lot at 8:25, however should a bus arrive prior to that time, we will close the lot upon its arrival.

  • The front loop of the parking lot will be open for car traffic/parent drop off from 8:15-8:25 each morning. At 8:25, or when the first bus arrives,  barricades will go up at the entrance closing the lot to car traffic.
  • We ask that all traffic pull as far up to the end of the front loop, past the curve, to drop off students. Staff members will be posted along the front lane to assist with drop off and keep traffic moving.  Please be mindful of their requests to pull up as far as possible before allowing students out of your vehicle.  By pulling forward, we will decrease the back-up on Summit.
  • Parents should stay in the car and the student(s) must exit through the passenger side of the car only with all of their belongings. Please note, in order to successfully keep the traffic moving, students should be ready to hop out quickly.
  • All traffic exiting the parking lot during morning drop off will be asked to make a right turn only onto Summit between 8:15 and 8:40.
  • All vehicular traffic in the drop off lane needs to be in single file. Cars should not attempt to go around any stopped daycare busses and/or cars.
  • All traffic will use the lane closest to the school to drop off students.  All other parking lot lanes will be closed from 8:15-8:40 to eliminate cars pulling in and out of parking spots during this time.  Should parents park in the parking spot prior to 8:15, we ask that they remain parked there until 8:40 after all busses have unloaded and departed.