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Week of 11/5/18

We have a shortened week ahead of us, but it’s a full one! Frost and Mead are visiting on Monday to tell the kids about junior high and to start them thinking about their electives for next year. There is no school on Tuesday, and then we have a field trip to Spring Valley on Friday. Read on below to learn more about our week and what’s going on in Room 208.


We continue Benchmark Literacy Unit 4 this week. We are reading literature and working on determining theme, summarizing, making inferences, citing text evidence, and comparing/contrasting. These are all skills students can practice during their nightly independent reading, too! There will be a midpoint assessment on Wednesday to gauge student progress on the aforementioned skills.


We wrap up our expository writing pieces this week. Students will put the finishing touches on their pieces and then celebrate the publication of their second full piece this year!

Social Studies:

We continue Unit 2 this week on Ancient Egypt. After learning about some prominent Pharaohs and their accomplishments, we will now learn about social classes and everyday life in Ancient Egypt. Chapter 9 will be our last chapter in this unit. It will take us into next week before we start preparing for a test on chapters 7-9 on Egypt.


We continue our unit on energy and matter in organisms and ecosystems. Last week, we did a lab dissecting owl pellets to learn what owls eat to illustrate how consumers get energy. We will learn more about how organisms get their energy in the environment this week, including producers, consumers, and decomposers. We also continue to work on identifying important information and taking appropriate notes.


In November, our social-emotional learning will be focused on respectful interactions, building relationships, and personal emotions. We will start by focusing on the key of Speak with Good Purpose.


  • 11/5: Frost and Mead visit to Collins
  • 11/6: No school
  • 11/9: Field trip to Spring Valley
  • 11/9: End of Trimester 1