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Week of 11/12/18

Welcome to the second trimester! We have a lot coming down the pipeline, including service learning days, Thanksgiving Break, and winter MAP, but for right now it’s business as usual. Read on below to learn more about our week and what’s going on in Room 208.


We wrap up Benchmark Literacy Unit 4 this week. We will be reading literature, making inferences, citing text evidence, identifying theme, and comparing/contrasting as we prepare for Friday’s unit assessment.


We will be starting a new writing unit this week on persuasive/argumentative writing. Students will be learning about the mode of writing and its essential features before starting the prewriting process for their newest pieces.

Social Studies:

We finish Unit 2 this week on Ancient Egypt. We will continue to learn about social classes in Ancient Egypt in chapter 9, including social status and what life was like for each of the classes in Egypt. Upon finishing this chapter, we will begin preparing for the Ancient Egypt test, which will cover chapters 7-9 and occur next week. A study guide will be provided.


We wrap up our unit on energy and matter in organisms and ecosystems with a test this Thursday. Students already have a study guide and should be utilizing it as they prepare for the test. We will learn one more lesson on ecosystem change and then review in class for Thursday’s test.


In November, our social-emotional learning focuses on respectful interactions, building relationships, and personal emotions.


  • 11/19 – 11/20: Service Learning
  • 11/21 – 11/23: No School
  • 11/26: MAP testing begins
  • 11/30: Vision and Hearing Screenings