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Week of 11/19/18

Happy Thanksgiving! We have only two days of school this week before Thanksgiving Break. We will be focusing the majority of our time on service learning as we sew hats and make blankets for our friends at Misericordia. Read on below to learn more about our week and what’s going on in Room 208.

Service Learning:

As part of our month-long focus on service learning, we will be spending a large chunk of our time this week doing kind acts for others. Specifically, we will be sewing hats and making blankets for our friends at Misericordia. For many of the residents, these hats (and the gifts we purchase with service learning money) will be the only presents they receive this holiday season. Additionally, students will be developing their patience, attention to detail, and hand-eye coordination as they learn the life skill of sewing.


We have finished Benchmark Literacy Unit 4 and will be starting Unit 5 on nonfiction after the break.


We are in the midst of prewriting our persuasive pieces where students are nominating someone or something for an imaginary award. Students should continue to think about their reasons and supporting details so we can begin drafting when we return from break.

Social Studies:

We finish Unit 2 with a test on Ancient Egypt this Tuesday. Students have already been given a study guide. The test will cover the big ideas from chapters 7-9 about the geography, pharaohs, and social classes of Ancient Egypt. After the break, we will start Unit 3 on Ancient India.


We have finished our unit on matter and energy in organisms and ecosystems. Next week, our class will be going to Mrs. McCormack for their next unit on FUSE. They will be learning about the engineering design process and engaging in hands-on projects throughout the unit.


In November, our social-emotional learning focuses on respectful interactions, building relationships, and personal emotions.


  • 11/19 – 11/20: Service Learning
  • 11/21 – 11/23: No School
  • 11/27: MAP Reading
  • 11/30: Vision and Hearing Screenings
  • 12/6: Target shopping