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Week of 1/7/19

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a wonderful Winter Break full of rest and relaxation. We begin 2019 with a number of new units in social studies, writing, and SEL. Read on below to learn more about our week and what’s going on in Room 208.


We finish Benchmark Literacy Unit 5 this week. This unit focuses on nonfiction informational text and will practice the skills of making inferences, citing text evidence, identifying central idea, summarizing, and determining author’s point of view. This picks up from where we left off before break and will culminate with a final assessment this Friday.


We start a new writing unit this week. This marks our second foray into narrative writing as we focus on good storytelling with detail and description.

Social Studies:

We start a new unit on Ancient China this week. As always, we will begin the unit with a geography challenge to help us understand why the ancient Chinese decided to settle where they did and how geographic elements influenced their choices.


The class continues their FUSE unit with Mrs. McCormack this week. They are learning about the engineering design process and engaging in hands-on projects throughout the unit.


Our new SEL units for the month focus on culture, perspective, empathy, and bullying. We will start his week by discussing stereotypes and the negative implications of bias.


  • 1/7: School resumes
  • 1/21: No school
  • 1/30: 1/2 Day