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Week of 1/21/19

We have a short week ahead of us with Monday off from school, but will be taking a literacy assessment and wrapping up our science unit. Read on below to learn more about our week and what’s going on in Room 208.


We continue Benchmark Unit 6 this week. Students are reading literature, while making inferences, citing text evidence, determining theme, and comparing/contrasting. There will be a Midpoint assessment this Wednesday to gauge student progress towards mastery of the unit standards.


In our new narrative unit, we are working on memoirs. Students have been reflecting on significant moments in their lives to discover a common thread or theme that runs through it all. We continue the prewriting phase this week, filling out a graphic organizer for each of the three short stories that will be included in our memoirs.

Social Studies:

We continue our unit on Ancient China this week. We are in chapter 23, learning about the Han Dynasty and the many achievements that happened during this “golden age” of China.


The class will finish its FUSE unit with Mrs. McCormack this week. They will then switch to either Mrs. Savino or Mrs. Herrera next week for a new unit.


Our new SEL units for the month focus on culture, perspective, empathy, and bullying.


  • 1/21: No school
  • 1/30: 1/2 Day
  • 2/12: Conferences start
  • 2/14: 1/2 day
  • 2/15: No school
  • 2/18: No school