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Week of 2/11/19

Welcome to conference week! We have a 1/2 day on Thursday and the day off on Friday for conferences. Please remember that these are student-led conferences, so your child must be present. Read on below to learn more about our week and what’s going on in Room 208.


We start Unit 7 of Benchmark Literacy this week. This unit is a nonfiction unit focusing on ancient civilizations. We will be working on identifying key details, determining central idea, summarizing, tracing authors’ claims. This unit will take us through the next three weeks.


We continue to work on our memoirs. After drafting three small stories that have a common theme, we will be drafting the introduction and conclusion this week.

Social Studies:

We continue our unit on Ancient China this week. We started Chapter 24 on the Silk Road last week and will continue it this week. This is the final chapter in our China unit, and there will be a test at the end of the unit in a few weeks.


The class started a new science unit with Mrs. Herrera last week on Earth’s Systems. This unit will continue until just before Spring Break.


Our SEL unit for the month focuses on ownership and responsibility.


  • 2/12: Conferences start
  • 2/14: 1/2 day
  • 2/15: No school
  • 2/18: No school
  • 2/21: Engineering Fair