February 15, 2021

Parking Lot Morning Drop-Off

  • Our lot is closed to all moving traffic except buses at approximately 8:25-8:40 and approximately 2:55-3:10. 
  • The front loop of the parking lot will be monitored by a few adults for car traffic/parent drop off beginning at 8:20 each morning. At approximately 8:25, or when the first bus arrives, barricades will go up at the entrance closing the lot to car traffic.
  • All traffic will use the lane closest to the school to drop off students.  All other parking lot lanes will be closed from 8:20-8:40 to eliminate cars pulling in and out of parking spots during this time.  Should parents park in the parking spot prior to 8:15, we ask that they remain parked there until 8:40 after all busses have unloaded and departed.
  • We ask that all traffic pull as far up to the end of the front loop to drop off students. By pulling forward, we will decrease the back-up on Summit.  
  • Parents/guardians must remain in the car and the student(s) must exit through the passenger side of the car only with all of their belongings. Please note, in order to successfully keep the traffic moving, students should be ready to hop out quickly.
  • All traffic exiting the parking lot during morning drop off will be asked to make a right turn only onto Summit between 8:15 and 8:40. 
  • For the safety of our students and staff, all vehicular traffic in the drop off lane needs to be in single file. Cars should not attempt to go around any stopped daycare busses and/or cars.


Arrival & Dismissal

(revised 2/16/2021)

Entry/Exit Doors (AM and PM)
Door 1 – AM/PM – 4th Grade and bussers
Door 2 – AM/PM  – First Grade and 5th Grade
Door 3 – AM/PM – 2nd Grade
Door 4 – AM/PM – 6th Grade
Door 5 – AM/PM – Room 116
Door 6 – AM/PM – Room 117
Door 8 – AM/PM – Rooms 101, 102, 115 and 103
Door 10 – AM/PM – Room 216, 217, 218 and 219


Arrival Procedures
8:20 – Arrival at School

Priority – Enforcement of social distancing and mask wearing for arriving students. 

  • All students and adults must be wearing a mask that covers the nose and mouth upon arriving at school.
  • To ensure social distancing, we are asking that when possible, only students walk up to the building on grounds. Please practice with your child what it looks like to be 6 feet behind another person.
  • Staff members will be present at 8:20 to guide your child to their entry door where a staff member will be ensuring all students social distance.
  • If you walk your child to school, please say good-bye as you encounter the first Collins staff member and allow your child to walk the remainder of the way up to the building.
  • Staff at your child’s entry door will direct students where to stand while they are waiting to enter the building.(Please note, your child should not arrive at school prior to 8:20.)

8:25-8:40 – Student Entry into the Building

Priority – Students entering the building will have his/her temperature checked at the door they are entering through.

·        All students should have their green symptom free verification card visible upon arrival to school. Students new to in person learning will receive one on 2/16/2021.

·        Bus riders will be met by a Collins staff member and then exit the bus and go straight to Door 1.

·        Students will enter assigned door and sanitize his/her hands upon entering.

·        Students will go directly to his/her classroom while remaining socially distanced from others.  All hallways have visual yellow and green markers indicating being 6 feet apart and will be monitored by adults.

·        Classroom teachers will stand at classroom doors to greet students and monitor social distancing in hallways.

·        Any child with a fever of 100.4 or higher will be escorted to an alternative “Care Room” and the parent will be called to pick his/her child up.

After 8:40 – All students enter through Door 1

Priority – Student temperature checked and receive tardy from office staff.

·        If a student comes after 8:40, the student will enter Door 1 after ringing the doorbell and getting a temperature check by an office staff member.

·        Student will then go straight to his/her classroom.

·        Any child arriving after 8:40, will be given a tardy slip to present to his/her teacher.



Dismissal Procedures
Staggered Dismissal beginning at 2:50


1st Dismissal – 2:50 p.m.

Priority – Dismissal of Kindergarten bus riders and Kindergarten Kasper students

  • An adult will escort Kindergarten students to the busses and to Kasper in the gym.

2nd Dismissal – 2:55 – 3:00 p.m.

Priority – Staggered bus dismissal and Kasper students (1st-6th)

·        Each bus will be called one by one over the PA system in the order they have arrived.

·        Students will remain 6 feet apart from others and go straight to their bus exiting either Door 1 or Door 2.

·        Students will sit in their assigned seat one student per seat unless the child has a sibling.

3rd Dismissal – 2:58 – 3:00 p.m.

Priority – Dismissal of walkers

  • After all bussers are loaded, a bell will ring at 2:58 indicating students on the first floor will be dismissed.
  • At 3:00 a second bell will ring indicating students on the second floor will be dismissed.
  • Teachers will lead their classrooms to their assigned exit door in order to monitor traffic flow in the hallways ensuring students are walking directly out of the building remaining 6 feet apart.
  • Students being picked up will immediately head to his/her parent meeting spot or car.
  • Students walking home with other students need to have a predetermined meeting spot on the outside of the building.
  • Students meeting parents will need to have a predetermined meeting socially distanced from others, preferably off school grounds.  
  • Staff will monitor traffic flow outside to ensure students are meeting siblings and/or parents at meeting location and leave school promptly.