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April 3rd Meeting Notes

April 3, 2019
Attendees: Shawna Lochner, Melissa Revane, Carrie Hamm, Nell Haack, Katie Kurtz, Karla Cooper, Carolyn Taylor, Heather Large, Leah Olsen.

Principals message:
Thank you PTA all who helped with the magic show, it was a great turn out. The Spring fling parties were a lot of fun, so thank you parents who volunteered. And the hospitality committee did a great job this past month with the “lucky” theme. The classrooms and all the students were excited to find out which classroom would win. So much fun all day. Great idea!

Treasurers report:
We need to form an audit committee (3 people) with in the next two weeks. The meeting would be in July. No experience necessary. Contact Jennifer Durso if interested.

-Work on getting debit cards
-Create line item in budget for PTA “family events” fall/winter/spring (ice cream social)
-Work on budget for the following year during current year so that we can pay expenses in advance without people being out cash

STC news:
Going forward, an idea would be (due to snow days, etc) to negotiate contracts with vendors for hot lunch, to ensure you can cancel or reschedule the order with a vendor the morning of, for example: as late as 6:30 AM the day of.

Fun fair:
•There are still a few open spots for the second shift (7:15-9:00); Carolyn will send a blurb to Nell to send to school parents. Shawna will echo on PTA facebook page. Please help to solicit addition volunteers.

•Need to confirm there will be the “box top reward” i.e, someone dressing up as a character or photo op with cardboard cutouts

•Water bottles, popcorn and Collins bottles will be donated from previous events. Be sure to count those into budget for accurate event total.

Art show:
Volunteers are needed Mondays and Thursdays afternoons 12-3. If interested contact Lillian Andrews. Volunteers will be putting up ART WORK throughout the school.

End of year calendar and programs:

Field day volunteers, Cahoj asked that we solicit volunteers. Shawna will post to PTA facebook page.

Complimentary hot lunch provided on make up days for both students and staff; Carrie will coordinate and include permission info for the Popsicles provided for field day

April 24th is kindergarten round up. PTA info? request for volunteers.

BY END OF SCHOOL YEAR, let’s try to have what we can have, ready for parents in their blue folders. Inform them about PTA memberships, hot lunch, classroom rep papers, etc. Less time to cut into our August days.

Melissa will provide finance bylaws so that Jen and Shawna can make changes to budget process, procedures going forward (i.e. classroom party money, vendor payment, bank choice, etc)

Dine to donate – choose a set date/time – i.e., 2nd Monday each month or whatever; we will communicate it well and hopefully include this in the BLUE FOLDER for back to school picnic.

Save the date. High school scholarship dinner May 8th at Mead Junior High. Check-in at 5:30 dinner at 6:30 for PTA chair holders. Melissa will send email this week to RSVP.
Change Over Dinner?

Encourage parents to donate or contribute in purchasing recess activities. Balls, chalk, etc. or create line item for it specifically next year.

Plan of work for classroom parties so that money can be set aside for classrooms struggling with donations. Idea: project work determined as a grade. Every grade gets the same amount and quantity of supplies for parties

Create new process, standard process such as: the room reps make it easier for parents to donate. Send a pre-marked envelope with party info. in order to collect more donations

There isn’t a MAY meeting scheduled however we can meet on May 1 (1/2 day) or May 8. Will send out an email to confirm.