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October 2nd Minutes

Michael Collins PTA Meeting

October 2, 2019 at 4:30PM

In attendance:  Nell Haack, Katie Kurtz, Shawna Lochner, Leah Olsen, Karla Cooper, Emmy Kamien, Dan Minich, Heather Large, Carrie Hamm, Julie Stamper, Tina Abbott, Jennifer Durso, Veronica Emeson.



MINUTES – reviewed District PTA minutes

CORRESPONDENCE – multiple thank you cards from classroom students and staff regarding the indoor recess equipment/games provided by the PTA.


  • Membership payment made
  • Paypal invoice will be paid this week
  • New Schedule for check distributions is working out nicely. Hot lunch vendors are being paid timely and Hot lunch is able to be proactive in their check requests.
  • Staff is submitting reimbursement requests for excess fund (items for the classroom)
  • Will need check for Grade 4,5,6 event in November. Determining vendor now
  • 9/1/2019 $40,328
  • 9/30/2019 $35,647


  • Map Testing was a success. Map test scores will be sent out via email to families.
  • Kindergarten event in September was a great night and thank you to Karla Cooper for arranging it.
  • Conferences are scheduled for October 10 and 11, 2019
  • Thank you to the PTA for the indoor recess equipment
  • Halloween Parties and Schoolwide parade is scheduled. Missing room reps for Room 109, 110, 201, 204, 210, 211.  Teachers should be sending out emails requesting a room rep volunteer.
  • The district provided a “VOLUNTEER SAFETY DRILL SHEET” for individuals who are volunteering in the school in the event of a drill or an emergency. These forms will be posted throughout the school and will be provided in Room Rep Folders going forward
  • There was a hard lockdown drill yesterday (October 1) and students did a great job


  • Thank you to the members who stepped up during President’s absence at the beginning of the school year – i.e. back to school picnic, curriculum night, audit meeting, folder stuffing, etc. (Angelino, Olsen, Cooper, Hamm, Haack, Kurtz, Zaragoza, Durso). Missing several Board members.  Board members may be asked to help recruit volunteers or committee chairpersons going forward.
  • District PTA informed us that we received $400 for PTA related event or program. Requesting ideas on how to spend it.  Last year:  assembly and gym equipment.
  • Discussed beneficial owner info – a new banking law to confirm where the money we use through PayPal is going. Carrie Hamm has paperwork to complete and submit.
  • Will look into ordering card reader through PayPal – up to $80.
  • Hot Lunch is recommended to include some information regarding snow days and/or general refund policy on their paperwork for families if not done already.
  • Thank you to Hot Lunch for handling the close of PDQ so quickly.
  • Indoor Recess Equipment was purchased, received and distributed
  • Ponchos for 6th grade patrols were purchased, received and distributed
  • Ideas for upcoming 4,5,6 grade event on Nov 14 – Dupage Children’s Museum and Mr Freeze. Shawna will organize.


  • Dine to Donate: Sept 11 Village Tavern raised $220; Next event is October 10 at Fratos.  Will advertise in classrooms and create poster boards for conference night.  Need volunteer.
  • Halloween Party / Parade. Need Room Reps for Rooms: 109; 110; 201; 204; 208; 209; 211;
  • PTA Dinner / Cotillion October 7 6PM – Accepted: Kurtz, Haack, Lochner, Olsen.  Declined: other board members.
  • Picture Retake Day – October 21. Olsen will coordinate.
  • November 6 – Auction Training at 6:30PM – Location TBD – Heather Large to attend.
  • Reflections program – promote (PTA due Nov 7); paperwork went home. ART AND MUSIC teachers will help promote?
  • The birthday book club is up and running. Thank you to Thea!
  • 6th grade celebration ideas: Carnival theme. Reach out to Angelino for games from district PTA. Location TBD. Space is a concern.  Simple food.  May 21. Looking for volunteers for celebration.  Will get binder from D. Bestor.  Previous vendor receipts from J.Durso.


  • No Committee Chair stepped forward for BOOK FAIR COMMITTEE; Cancel fall book fair.
  • New School Kits Committee Chair needed – please contact Shawna if interested


  • President will apply for School of Excellence award. Deadline has been extended to Oct 15. If accepted, results will be provided by next August 2020.