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November 6th Minutes

Michael Collins PTA Meeting

November 6, 2019 at 6:00PM

In attendance:  Nell Haack, Katie Kurtz, Shawna Lochner, Leah Olsen,  Emmy Kamien,  Jennifer Durso, Celeste Render, Cindy Camacho, Frank Zaragoza




  • Board approved minutes from 10/2/19


  • Multiple thank you cards from classroom students and staff regarding Halloween parties. Thank you volunteers!
  • Board will sign thank you cards during PTA meetings to send volunteers who participate in PTA sponsored events/programs throughout the school year. PTA Chairpersons – please identify anyone who you feel should be a recipient (i.e. hot lunch volunteers, classroom reps, general volunteers or new faces)


  • Taxes are due on November 15. The audit came back without questions – Nice job!
  • Opening budget is 10/1 $37,586 and the ending budget 10/31 was $20,481; Deposit from Paypal (Hot lunch mainly) is being made.
  • New Schedule for check distributions is working out nicely. Hot lunch vendors are being paid timely and Hot lunch has been able to be proactive in their check requests.
  • Staff is submitting a single reimbursement request for excess fund (items for the classroom) rather than multiple and understand that the deadline is year end. This efficiency has been effective and time saving for the Treasurer.  Nell Haack will remind staff to submit their requests for reimbursement.


  • Thank you for the staff dinner on Conference night provided by the PTA.
  • Thank you to the parents and volunteers who made Halloween so much fun and for their understanding about cancelling the Halloween parade due to weather.
  • Beginning November 25 – Map Testing will begin. The staff anticipates this to go smoothly due to the one to one devices provided to students.
  • November’s gratitude calendars went home this week for students. November is happiness month so each Monday, staff will wear orange.  There will be days this month for both students and staff to wear orange shirts or pre-purchased Happiness tshirts. Communication will be sent out from Haack or Kurtz.
  • Next Wednesday, November 13 is the PTA Partnership Breakfast. Local businesses and individuals who have been partners with Collins Elementary (Riccardos, Target, Local Florist, etc) have been invited to attend.



  • 4,5,6th grade is event is being scheduled. Concerns were brought up and will be addressed with the proposed vendor.  If / then… communication and invitations will be sent out to families for next week’s event.
  • District PTA informed us that we received $400 for PTA related event or program. Requesting ideas on how to spend it.  Last year:  assembly and gym equipment.
  • Will book/confirm Dupage Children’s Museum for 1,2,3rd grade event in March 2020
  • 2020-2021 New School Kits Committee Chairperson – Celeste Render. Thank you Celeste!!
  • Additional Spirit Wear will be ordered to have on hand for upcoming events (for sale). Thank you Emmy Kamien for spearheading this project!
  • Spring BOGO Book Fair – need PTA Board members to fill in or cover for committees experiences a shortage of volunteers/leaders. Shawna will communicate / recruit for Spring Book Fair chairperson and requests any help identifying future chairperson from the Board.
  • Corporate Sign Systems and Leah Olsen is helping to provide signage throughout the school to promote upcoming Dine to Donate Shawna will post to PTA Facebook and Nell Haack will continue to communicate in her email blasts.
  • Board members agreed that additional support from board members is necessary to run all of our many PTA programs and/or to fulfill its many obligations – i.e. Back to School Picnic, Book Fair, Folder Stuffing, Annual Audit, PTA Appreciation Dinners, etc. Board members should continuously reach out to their circles (sport teams, classrooms, neighbors) to recruit additional PTA members/volunteers or to simply, promote upcoming events.  It was agreed that continuous communication from the PTA is key and will need to come from all Board Members in order for successful turn outs.
  • Nominating Committee – Carrie Hamm, Frank Zaragoza and Emmy Kamien will head up the committee and submit names for upcoming open positions on the Board. Shawna will supply this team with “job descriptions” for upcoming available / vacant seats.
  • The yearbook committee has been doing a nice job attending events and organizing coverage. New faces / individuals have been added to their team.  Nice job!



  • Dine to Donate: November Wednesday, November 13 at Riccardos Restaurant.  Offering 25% to Collins PTA for dine in or carry out!!  Please mentions Collins when making a reservation or placing your order.
  • 6th grade celebration: Carnival theme. 6th grade Committee meeting (all 6th grade families were invited) was October 29.  Ideas were discussed and sub-committee leaders were requested.  Contact Julie Stamper or Tina Abbott if you’d like to get involved!   Next meeting will take place sometime in January (TBD).
  • The Variety Show is Friday, January 24. Board members should be promoting it.   Shawna will reach out to see if Amy/Chairperson needs help from the Board promoting the event or solidifying volunteers.
  • Holiday Shoppe is approaching. Frank will reach out to see if Melissa/Chairperson needs help from the Board solidifying volunteers or communicating the program with families.
  • 2020 Back to School Picnic – ideas: selling water bottles (or donations); selling spirit wear – specifically to younger grades, coordinate cashbox, cooler, etc.
  • Holiday Pancake Breakfast is approaching. Shawna will reach out to see if Nelson/Chairperson needs help from the Board solidifying volunteers.
  • Birthday Book Club – Thea is doing an amazing job. Shawna will reach out to see if Thea/Chairperson needs help from the Board solidifying volunteers.
  • Spring Book Fair – Looking for Chairperson to head up this event. Time commitment – approximately 2 – 3 hours.


  • Need Committee Chair for BOOK FAIR COMMITTEE for 2020 and this year’s Spring book fair.
  • $400 – Spend the Cash. Shawna will submit paperwork to receive funds.
  • Application for School of Excellence award is still underway. Surveys were sent home with students and are due into the office by Friday.  President will compile results and submit them.  Deadline has been extended to November 15.  If accepted, School of Excellence results will be provided by next August 2020.