Student Absence

To report your child’s absence and the reason, call school before the start of class on the day of the absence. Please call (847.357.6102) each day your child is absent.

If students miss more than 40 minutes of instructional time, not including lunch, they are recorded as absent for half the day. If they miss more than 150 minutes, they are counted as absent for the whole day. Students who are absent will not be allowed to attend or participate in after-school activities on the day of their absence.

If your child misses more than six days in a trimester, a note from the doctor can be required before the absence is excused. If notes from the doctor are not received, your child could be considered truant. District 54 believes that students should be in school when schools are in session. Please restrict vacations to days when school is not in session.

Picking up children during the day

If you must have your child dismissed before the end of the school day, send a note to the school office that morning. Students will not be released to persons not listed on their emergency contact cards unless prior arrangements have been made by their parents or guardians. Individuals picking up children should bring a photo ID. Come into the school office and sign your child out at the pre-arranged pick-up time. Students being excused early should meet their parents in the school office.

Early Release Days

District 54 releases children early for staff development every Wednesday, beginning with the first week of school. By dismissing students 30 minutes early on Wednesdays and having staff members remain at school for an extra hour, 90 minutes a week can be devoted to enhancing instructional practices.

Home and Hospital Instruction

Parents may request home or hospital instruction when a doctor anticipates that a student will be unable to attend school for two or more consecutive weeks or be absent on an ongoing intermittent basis due to a medical condition. Call your principal for information.


A student arriving after classes begin must report to the office before going to his locker or class. Unexcused tardies to school or class are not permitted. Tardiness is a form of truancy. If a child is repeatedly late or is absent many days, district officials will work with local law enforcement agencies and the Cook County Regional Office of Education and use conferences, counseling and tutoring to improve student attendance.